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For Septic Resale Inspections and New System Septic Design,
You Can Trust Nortex Septic Design

Nortex Septic Designs is the first step in determining your septic system design neeeds. Our talented professionals can design a full range of septic solutions to best meet you needs. We offer all types of approved systems with an enphasis on meeting customers reuirements for performance, quality, and budget. Our service area includes Collin, Denton, Grayson, Tarrant, Rockwall, and greater North Texas.

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Schedule a septic system inspection for home resale, Level 1

A Level 1 Septic Inspection can be performed by a licensed septic contractor or engineer.

Visual Inspection and Dye Test

Basic visual inspection and reporting of information. An astute septic system inspector can detect evidence of failure from site conditions alone in some instances. The Septic loading and dye test can be performed overlapped in time with other inspection services to test the absortion system.

Open Covers, Inspect Equipment

We open accessible covers and inspect the equipment. The inspector should be present before, during, and after tank pumping to observe important indications of septic system condition, such as damaged or missing baffles, baffle overrun, abnormal septic tank levels, or backflow into the septic tank during pumpout.

Nortex Utilizes the Latest Technology

Septic system design is a combination of science and art. The science portion of septic design is straightforward, and dictated by both State regulations and specific-county and municipality preferences. Nortex Septic Design provides soil testing services for both new and replacement septic designs as well as septic tank installation services.

Builders and Homeowners

Installing aerobic septic systems and septic tanks for new home builders, with thousands of systems installed in the DFW area for builders. Our services are also available for individual property owners. Our unsurpassed experience to meet all your septic tank needs guarantees an optimal septic system design.
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Certified Septic Installers

Let our experience work for you! We cater to new home builders and property owners in Collin, Grayson, Denton, Tarrant, Dallas, Rockwall, Fannin, & Hunt counties. Providing a seamless turn-key Installation Package which can take you from concept to flushing toilets.
Professional Septic System Design and 
Registered Sanitarian Service
It is our goal to prepare the most cost-effective design that the site and the soil conditions will allow and that meets regulations.
A septic design includes a site plan with construction documentation that'll be reviewed by the county or city permitting department for approval.

A design consists of an analysis of the site data, flow calculations, selection of applicable treatment methods, and preparing the design drawings and specifications. County permitting jurisdictions require the following to be shown on a scaled site plan drawing a portion of the design.
Septic Tank Design, Site Evaluation, Designed by Registered Sanitarian
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What to Expect from our Septic Tank Design Services

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality sets the minimum standards, rules and regulations for installation of a septic system in the state. Each local governing agency adds additional rules and regulations. Current standards (there are some exceptions) require all systems to be engineered and permitted by the governing agency at the time of installation.
The site evaluation is performed by a licensed engineer, registered sanitarian, or site evaluator to determine what type of septic system the site will accommodate. It takes into consideration topography, soil type, size of dwelling, location of water sources, lot size and setback requirements.
The client will need to provide a subdivision plan with field notes or a survey of the property showing location of all improvements, and square footage/#bedrooms. 
During the site evaluation a tool is used to dig two, 5-foot deep profile holes in the area of the proposed disposal field to determine soil type and depth.
Using the site evaluation information, the designer will determine what type of system the site will accommodate and design that system in accordance with current codes, standards and requirements of the governing agency.
The system design is submitted to the governing agency (usually the County Health Department) for review and issuance of a Permit to Construct.
When the Permit to Construct is issued the installer will install the system according to permitted design and under the supervision of the governing agency and designer.
When the installation and final inspections are complete and the system is operational, the governing agency issues a License to Operate.
We are happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.
For design of Aerobic and Septic Tank Systems and Installation
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Let Us Efficiently Evaluate Your Septic System

A report may be prepared with maintenance recommendations and minor repairs, such as replacing broken pipe or adding an outlet filter. Favorable assessment findings can never guarantee longevity of the system.

At best, it's an opinion of the designer that the system components are in sound condition. Homeowner use of the system is a factor in the functionality of a system which can promote longevity or shorten the life of the system.

Nortex Septic Design

Site evaluation, Septic System Design and Installation, Designed by Registered Sanitarian

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